Hi Marc,
                                                                            My recommendation for touring
                                                                            is to follow a clockwise route if you can. It reduces your number of left turns and makes your ride safer.
                                                                            You can check with the Tofino Bus for connections to Nanaimo. If you are moving very quickly you could do the Sunshine Coast loop that in two days, but they might be long. You'd need to schedule at least a day... continued

                                                                            A break from the ride.

                                                                            Island Bike Brings the Vancouver Island Mountain Bike
                                                                            Community and Clubs Together

                                                                            Island Bike is a new family oriented mountain biking event coming to the Vancouver Island and Gulf Island Communities. It was started by local companies, Freak Maps and Dirty Girl Designs, as a concept to bring the Island clubs and their members together to show off their own unique trails. Each year Island Bike will be hosted by a different club. Guides from within the club will showcase their local trails, as well as show off local music, food, mountain bike celebrities and hospitality.

                                                                            The event gets started at 9 am ~ 
                                                                            Tranquility Woods ~ 2080 Errington Road, Errington, B.C.
                                                                            Please contact Dan (above) or Michelle (250.951.3500) with any questions..
                                                                            This event is becoming known as the Outer Bike of Vancouver Island!!

                                                                            Feature Story

                                                                            “Thank you so much for the package.
                                                                            It’s been eight long years since we bicycles self-supported from Penticton to Newfoundland with our 10 year old and 12 year old sons.  They are now both independent young men, so time for ma and pa to head out on our own.  It’s high time we cycle Vancouver Island.
                                                                            Thank you for helping to inspire us to cycle tour again.

                                                                            Cynthia’s trip was really inspired by the map I sent of the Galloping Goose and Lochside Trail.  Find more information on our maps page.  We’re refreshing our list of free and commercial maps that can be had from Cycle Vancouver Island.

                                                                            Pacific Shores Resort & Spa:Pacific Shores  Vacation ownership and waterfront real estate located on the tranquil waters of the east coast of Vancouver Island. This BC resort is the perfect blend of a vacation home, real estate investment, rental revenue and travel opportunities to other luxury resorts around the world.

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                                                                            ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN AMAZING & DIVERSE CYCLING DESTINATION?

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                                                                            Cycle-friendly weather year round
                                                                            Scenic Ocean side rides
                                                                            Over 100 kms. of level, scenic rail trails
                                                                            Aggressive Mountain Back Country rides
                                                                            A safe, friendly and Historic Destination.

                                                                            The Vancouver Island Map and Guide is now available!
                                                                            CVI Map and Guide
                                                                            Look for it in your favourite tourist information racks.

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                                                                            Island Joy Rides:
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